Kate Middleton Prepares Palace With Candles

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is creating a more pleasant atmosphere with candles at Kensington Palace before she moves in with Prince William.

He’s accustomed to the stuffy smells, but Kate spent $1,458 (£900) on scented candles by British interior designer Kelly Hoppen to get rid of them.

According to the Daily Mirror, “Whereas William is used to the smell and the feel of the palace, Kate is used to a more modern, relaxed environment. She felt it had an overriding musty, damp smell, and ordered a six-month supply of her favourite products to override this.”

Kelly Hoppen is an interior designer famous for her simple, yet opulent style. The designer candles Kate Middleton chose have lavender, sandalwood and moss-based scents.  She also purchased several throw cushions to reflect her own minimalist-chic style.


  1. says

    Aw come on, what’s a big old ancient castle without some musty and dank? Next she’s going to want to turn the old dungeons into organic bean sprout beds for her home-based tofu emporium.

    Doesn’t she get that we in the public can only suffer the royals to live in such abject wealth because we know they have to put up with creepy old musty buildings?


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