Make a seashell gel candle

This is a gel candle I made with seashell embeds. They’re attractive and easy to create. All you need is the gel made specifically for candles, wicks, a thermometer, seashells, dye if desired, a double boiler and a glass container.

To attach the wick onto the bottom of the candle and prevent it from floating I used a wick stickum. It’s basically a double sided sticker so one end sticks to the wick tab and the other to the glass container. I purchased these wicks pretabbed but they’re not hard to make with a pair of needle nose pliers.

I heated the gel until it was 180 degrees Fahrenheit and then added a little blue dye. You only need a tiny bit of dye with gel. Make sure your dye is safe for gel candles because some dyes don’t break down properly.

The slower you pour your gel, the fewer bubbles you will have. I was actually hoping for more bubbles because I was going for a bubbly ocean look.

To keep the wick straight I just used a pencil but any sort of stick would work. It didn’t take long for the gel to harden. Someone poked at them while hardening but they still turned out fine. One is in a regular glass container and the other is a baby food jar. I think the result is beautiful especially for my first try with gel.



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