Make Chunk Candles & Recycle Old Wax

I had some leftover wax and decided to melt it down and pour it into cookie sheets lined with wax paper to make chunks.

The red was a little thick, but I was able to break the blue and yellow wax into chunks with my hands. Then, I randomly dropped the chunks into the candle molds, making sure that there were some close to the sides. After that, I just melted some wax, scented it with tangerine fragrance oil and poured it into the mold over the chunks.

chunk candlesThere was so much wax that I ended up making seven chunk candles! This is a great way to use up all those bits of colored wax that you don’t want to throw out.

These candles make for an interesting display and what I really like about them is that no two are ever the same. You could also use embeds with shapes like stars, hearts or leaves, but I like how the cookie sheets worked out.


  1. Channahs says

    Fabu!~ I’ve always wanted to attempt to make some candles and this sounds like a great starting project!

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