Make Your Own Mosquito Repellent Candles

Citronella CandleIt is the season for insects to be out full force and while I seem to have some natural immunity to getting eaten alive, my children do not.

David Fisher, the candle making expert on has some good recipes and ideas on how to make citronella candles. He also includes other suggested essential oils such as clove, cedarwood, lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary and lemongrass. Check out his mosquito repelling essential oil blend recipes.

There are also lotions that contain some of these essential oils that you can apply to your skin for double duty because candles will only scare them off for so long. Peppermint, citronella and lavender smell pleasant enough to wear, yet mosquitoes detest the taste and smell of them.

Some also make their own spray with a few drops of essential oil in alcohol. That doesn’t sound too gentle for children’s skin, so I would opt for a lotion. Here’s a gentle recipe from Sunspirit Aromatherapy that’s suggested as an insect repellent, although I don’t know how effective it is as I haven’t tried it yet.
-1 drop Lavender oil
-10ml Jojoba oil

At (a coaltion fighting against the spraying of toxins) cinnamon oil and catnip are touted to be safe alternatives to Deet. Cinnamon oil would certainly smell nice in a candle too.


  1. christian inegbenijie says

    I am really on the look out for information on how to make natural mosquitoes repellant candels,i would really be greatful,if you could connect me to companies that are into the production of this said products,as i would want to find out if some business understanding could we worked out.There is a very large market,for this products here in nigeria.

  2. S.M.Yahya says

    I am interested in 100% natural,organic mosquito repellant recepies.
    safe to be used on childern and on pets
    thanks n regards


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