Making a Teacup Candle

I found a cute teacup at the thrift store today and thought it would make a pretty container candle. I used EL SOY Millennium blend for containers, which is a combination of soy and other natural waxes.

To hold the wick in place, I placed a bit of glue on the wick tab with a glue gun. I also used a popsicle stick to hold it straight at the top. After it cracks, it sort of works as a clamp. You could also attempt to make a neat hole in the center, but this works.

This soft wax has a low melting point of 125 F(52C), so it really doesn’t need to be heated above 150F(65C). I usually use a coffee can placed into a pot of water as a double boiler because it works and I have tons of them.

Once it melted, I added one chip of hunter green dye. It’s best to let your candle wax cool down even further before adding any fragrance because otherwise it may evaporate. Some sort of minty scent would have matched green, but I only had vanilla.

Creating teacup candles is a nice way to display pretty cups that are just gathering dust. It would also be a perfect project for recycling chipped teacups that are no good for sipping tea.

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