Making Candle Globes With Balloons

BalloonsI found a video that shows you step by step how to create a beautiful candle globe. All you need is some melted wax and a balloon.

You then fill the balloon with water and dip into the heated wax several times until you get the thickness you desire. It can then be used as either a votive holder or filled completely with wax for a solid candle.

There are all sorts of things you could do to jazz it up and there are examples at the end of the video. Embedding a picture into the candle globe during the last dip would be nice and so would some dried flowers leaves or herbs. See You Can Make Amazing Candle Globes for more.

For other balloon candle project instructions see: Balloon Candle Project at Creative Spotlight and Make a Balloon Candle by David Fisher from Candle and Soap Making.


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    Yes, well there is the chance the balloon will pop from the heated wax as well. The mess makes it worth it once you get it right though!


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