Making candles with dried flowers

dried flower candlesCandles are easy to decorate with dried pressed flowers and they make gorgeous gifts. If you want to skip doing it yourself, you can find beautiful dried flower candles like this one with daisies at Worthy One Gifts Online.

Mine are not quite as fancy but I like how they turned out. I used a couple old plastic stacking cups that the kids don’t use anymore for molds. Next I melted the wax and added a tiny bit of red so that the candles would be pink. Then I added an apple blossom scent and put the wicks into the molds. Once the wax heated up enough I poured it into the molds.

dried flower candles 2After they set, I warmed up some more wax and used a paintbrush to dab a bit of wax to act as glue on the back of the dried flowers and stuck them onto the candle. Finally I dipped the candles to seal them.



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