Making Your Own Candle Molds

Do the prices for those silicone candle molds make you cringe? Making your own is not that difficult and you definitely have more options than what the store offers. The next time I find a giant strawberry, I’m making a mold out of it. Maybe I’ll even drizzle some fake chocolate onto the candle and scent it to match. Chocolate Strawberries by Jacki Cichonski

Anyway, to make the mold here’s a couple videos from Tap Plastics that go into how to create it.

Part One

Part Two

If you’re not a visual learner or you would just prefer to read about it, Starla and Lisa’s Candle Making site explains it very simply and it sounds much less intimidating coming from them. They use Smooth-On Silicone Making Rubber that apparently costs $24.95, but I have paid that much for one darned mold so it doesn’t sound like much to me.

Their site is very helpful and their enthusiasm about candle making really shines through. I have never made a mold, but I’m beginning to eye all kinds of things around the house to use.


  1. Maricel says

    I’m trying to get a mold for a loving couple hugging and kissing. Someone gave one of this candle as a gift and now I’m trying to get the mold and I can’t fin d it. Does someone know where I can get it?


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