Manly Man Candles New Scents

Manly Man candles have some new scents out now, which I found out about through their blog Manly Man Candle Company Presents: Manly Thoughts. Here are the newest additions so far. Sports Injury, Dad’s gum, Manilla and Bob’s Eucalyptus.

I also received an email with a request for some ideas for new manly scents. The man didn’t leave his name but told me how he and his boss were having fun coming up with new ideas such as spaghetti, turkey, morning after and locker room.

Maybe he’ll come by with new names but in the meantime, does anyone have more ideas for manly smelling candles? How about ballgame hotdogs, old spice or roast beef? I bet most men wouldn’t mind the smell of baking either. They already have a candle dubbed Grandma’s Cooking and it smells like a fresh baked apple pie.


  1. says

    I’m not sure about the locker room scent, but how about beer and pizza, sawdust (that would get my vote), or steak on the grill.

  2. says

    @Richly scented candles, good ones! Love the reuben sandwich. I believe they already have leather but it’s definitely manly.

  3. Matt says

    Where are the REAL men? You, the ones who don’t wash and who smoke cigars around the house? What’s the world coming to…
    My wife says these candles are for women who want to make believe they have a man around. 😉

  4. Ralph Pitsch says

    I am looking for grilled steak fragrance oil for soy candles. If anybody has info please forward it to me please

  5. kevin charlie says

    i love the smell of farts in the morning, and that locker one sounds great. no joke. also maybe some cow patties and sardine breath. ok maybe not the sardine breath.

  6. kevin charlie says

    oh!! i forgot, add in the kind of oil they use to thread steel pipe.

  7. Bonni Smiley says

    I would love a roast meat candle. or the grilled steak might work! I have a new puppy that is depressed (misses his mommy, abandoned at a shelter). he wasn’t eating but we figured out that when he smells roast meat in our oven it stirs his appetite and gets very hungry! since I’m not roasting a chicken every day I need a candle! You never know, the pet industry could be a whole new market. This is quite common in new puppies!

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