Mini Lantern Provides Portable Light

If you’re looking for a compact rust-proof, wind-proof lantern, UCO Candle Lanterns has created a micro candle lantern.

It lasts several hours after inserting a tea light, which makes it one of the most inexpensive lanterns as well. If you’re hiking or camping and want to pack light, this micro lantern collapses down to 2 ½ inches.

The base has enough room to store a spare tea light too! Tea lights are a very economical alternative to batteries and the candle powered lantern is compatible with leave no trace ethics.

I think a couple of these mini lanterns would be handy just to have around the house in case of a blackout. Why does it seem like the batteries run out of flashlights just when you need them? Another bonus is the candle lanterns would supply warmth as well as light.


  1. Cathy Hammond says

    These look like just what the doctor ordered to take on canoe trips when you don’t want to pack a lot of heavy stuff but need to pack the essentials. Gotta buy these for my daughter to pack in her kayak. She will just love them. Thanks for the update on these great little lanterns.

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