Mother’s Day Candle Creations

Mother’s Day is coming fast and if you’re still looking for some last minute gift ideas or crafts I found a few quick candle projects. Most moms love candles so you can’t really go wrong although my mother might not know where the heck to put more.

tin canThings are warming up so outdoor lanterns are a fun option. We always have tin cans kicking around and big coffee cans would be perfect for creating big sturdy lanterns.

You could put a row of them out with citrus candles inside and fight off the bugs at the same time. At CraftBits there are easy instructions for tin can lanterns. If you don’t have a pin hammer handy, a regular hammer will do.

Baby food jarDLTK has an adorable candle holder project made out of a baby food jar. Kids could decoupage just about anything from paper or tissue onto it and have fun personalizing the candle holder by finding pics of her favorite things.

Better Homes and Gardens have several Mother’s Day craft ideas for creating personalized gifts for moms. I love the mugs with handprints and the decorated flowerpot that could double as candle holders.

If your mom is into oil or tart burners, Jane Lake gives us detailed instructions on how to make your own scented candle melts or tarts at All Free Crafts. It’s a great way to use up old wax and you can include a couple of your mom’s favorite scents.

Have some more ideas? Tell us about them!


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