Odor Eraser Candles Wipe Out Pet Odors

Cozy Illuminations started in April of this year and have candles for just about every occasion you would want. Their candles are high quality, functional and decorative. Cozy Illuminations is a very flexible company and will custom make your order based on the scent, color and symbol you want.
dog candle

Their “I love my dog!” candles are a fun addition and they have tons of breeds to choose from. I have always wanted a Newfoundland dog and here is an example of the logo on the candle from that breed. They have over one hundred breeds to choose from and their special odor eraser formula leaves a fresh spice scent without the worry of damaging powders and sprays on children or pets.

Bill from Cozy Illuminations was most helpful when he dropped in to advise me when I was having troubles getting a strongly scented candle. In case you missed it, this is what he shared. “If you are trying to make your own candles using soy, to get the best possible scent throw cold or hot try getting the wax to around 170 degrees when you add in the aroma.( this helps attach the aroma to the wax, and will prevent weeping candles) Another important thing to keep in mind is to use enough scent. This was a mistake I was making in my first few candles you want to use around 1 to 1.75 ounces per pound of wax.”

They also have a wide selection of scents and customizable jar candles but the odor eraser sounded good to me to start with since I want something really strong.








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