Outdoor Wedding With Mason Jar Candle Holders

Outdoor wedding candles: Chellé PaperieThanks to Chellé Paperie (what a pretty name!) we see how elegant the simple mason jar can look in the right setting.

This is a photo of Chellé Paperie’s actual wedding and it’s beautiful. I do hope the weather held out for them!

Chellé’s wedding display created a gorgeous glow and all it took was a few different sizes of mason jars and candles.  I enjoy the simplicity of it, but you could use ribbons, paint or different colored candles to match it with your wedding color scheme.


  1. Nisa says

    Love this! I love all kinds of glasses, jars, etc. I many times will try a new product in the stores if it comes in a cool jar. I think this would also look great (with the right color sceme) if you had the old blue mason jars as well. Thanks for posting this!

  2. says

    Those old blue ones would be nice Nisa! Put a few of those on a picnic table in the summer and it would look very inviting. I know what you mean about the jars. I imagine my collection drives my family mad.

  3. donna says

    Love this!Having lots of outdoor partys this time of year.I used green and blue on picnic tables an even the men commented. Thanks

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