Painted Daisy Candle Tutorial

This painted daisy candle involves simple brush strokes to create daisy petals that are surrounding a circle. This is a fun way to decorate a candle while adding a whimsical charm to a room.

If you’re wondering what type of paint to use, in this project they suggest mixing a little dish soap to acrylic paint so that it will stick to the candle better.

Candle Painting Medium

On the other hand, DecoArt has a handy candle painting medium out. You just mix it in equal amounts with your paint before using. It adheres better and creates a protective layer so that the candle paint becomes more durable. There are more complex and detailed candle painting projects on DecoArt’s website if you’re interested.

If you’d like to create the retro daisies candle painting project, see the easy instructions by Carol Endler Sterbenz and Genevieve A. Sterbenz.


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