Painted Muffin Tin Tealight Holder Project

Painted tealight candle holderThis painted muffin tin tealight candle holder was inspired by the garden candle holder project in The New Candle Book: Inspirational Ideas For Displaying, Using and Making Candles by Gloria Nicol.

Since I have no garden to speak of presently, the garden candle holder didn’t appeal to me. Perhaps when it warms up, I’ll glue them on stakes and see how they look.

All you need to make these tealight holders are: stained glass paint, foil muffin tins, tealights, paintbrushes and scissors. You could draw the shape you want to cut into the foil muffin tins beforehand, or you could wing it like I did.

Cut little triangles fairly evenly and then round out the petal shapes with the scissors. Children would need to be closely supervised during this part because those little bits are sharp.

Next, start painting the outside and inside of the candle holder with the stained glass paint. I used Gallery Glass Window Color, which has gorgeous little sparkles in it when it dries.

Since blue and red is what I have, that’s what I used, although purple and yellow would have been nice. I’m quite mad over the stained glass paint and have to restrain myself from using it on everything. You’ll probably need a couple coats. If you can’t get your hands on stained glass paint or you don’t want to use it, try colored foil.

The paint takes at least an hour to dry, so try to be patient between coats. Also, add rags and/or paper towels to your supply list as it can get messy.

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