Palm Wax Candles

Palm wax is obtained from the fruit from palm trees and is a renewable resource. Some palm trees are not sustainable if more forests are cut down to grow them so check your sources.

You can find some interesting information about palm wax at CandleScience.

Candles made from palm oil have a pretty frost or feather effect and each candle is unique because they all crystallize into different patterns. No additives are necessary, one pour is usually enough and palm wax has an excellent scent throw.

Apparently, palm wax can hold twice as much scent and you can use it for pillars, containers or votives. Since I haven’t tried it yet I’m taking people’s word for it. I will let you know how it goes when I do try making candles from palm wax.

You can find some lovely palm wax candle creations at Wicks Works Candle Emporium, Shoemaker Candle Company and Joyous Candle (Luma Verde Candles).


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    Candles can be made of paraffin ,stearin (now produced almost exclusively from palm waxes), beeswax gel (a mixture of resin and mineral oil), some plant waxes (generally palm, carnauba, bayberry, or soy).
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