Pina Colada Candle Project

This Pina Colada candle is a fun and easy summer candle project that looks good enough to drink. It also smells yummy because of the added Pina Colada candle fragrance oil.

First I melted the soy wax in a coffee can inside of an old pot with a few inches of water (makeshift double boiler).  Before I even turned the stove on, I hooked a candle thermometer onto the can.

While the wax was melting, I glued the wicks into the glasses with a glue gun so that they would stay put. One was a little wobbly, but I straightened it out later.

Then, I added the yellow dye and the fragrance oil. The dye is in chip form and requires one chip per pound. I used 60 ml (2 tbsp)or 2 oz. of fragrance oil. Some people use one ounce and you could probably get away with that.

Finally, I poured the wax, waited for it to harden and added an umbrella to each. This candle makes a nice decoration and smells good, even if you never light it!

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