Pressed Flower Candles

Dried Leaves and Flowers

For a nostalgic country sort of look, try pressing flowers or leaves onto your candle. A pillar would give you more area to work with, but a tapered candle could be decorated more quickly.

First, heat enough wax to dip and seal your candle when it’s done. Arrange the flowers, leaves or herbs in a practice design on paper. Heat a tablespoon up on the stove and place your flower on the candle in the desired position, pressing it with your hot spoon. Continue doing the same with the next flower until you have your candle covered with your design. You can use a little melted wax occasionally to hold the flowers in place if you need to.

Now immerse your candle into the melted wax to seal it. Pull it out after about 5 seconds and leave it to dry for a few hours before burning.

Tapered candles Here’s an example of some finished tapered candles with dried flowers. Preserved Gardens sell the set for $12.75. They also carry other pretty personalized items such as oil burners, lamps and wind chimes.


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