Pressed Flower Wedding Candles

Pressed flower wedding candlesThis handmade pressed flower unity wedding candle set was made by Pleasant Ridge Candles and I discovered them on Etsy.

This is an easy way to add elegance and tie your candles into your wedding color scheme! Pleasant Ridge Candles does custom orders and specializes in wedding candles.

If you happen to have some pressed flowers around, you could try it yourself. Attach the dried flowers with a bit of wax in the position you want them on the candle. Then dip them into clear melted wax to seal the flowers.  It’s also a fun way to preserve memories, rather than having them tossed between waxed paper in a drawer.


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    Wow, this seems almost too easy, but what a great idea to make for a wedding or shower gift if you’re on a budget…and who isn’t these days? It’s simple, but the result is something I think any bride/groom would cherish. maybe think about getting some rub on lettering and add names and/or wedding date too?

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