Recycled Art Candle Holders

Cross CandleYou have probably seen those candle holders that you make punching holes into a pattern on a can. Those are cool but this recycled art I found at takes true talent. It must have been time consuming too. This cross patterned candle looks slightly Celtic to me and I love the little hearts on the bottom.

These hanging style candle holders are attractive alternative lanterns that would look great outside or in your home. They hanging candlehave added colored glass and hand painted them, which adds more character.

butterfly candleThis butterfly is gorgeous and I love how they have painted it blue to make it stand out more. All the holes that get created from carving the designs would make the flickering candle even prettier.

When you buy one of these works of art not only do you get a beautiful candle holder but you’re helping the environment by recycling. The energy saved recycling just one aluminum can would run a television set for three hours.

candle style hurricane lampThere’s other recycled art sold at They have sconces, pendants, lamps, mirrors and more. For example look at this gorgeous candle style hurricane lamp.

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