Recycling Old Candles

Joanna GriekspoorSince I have been on a candle making kick for quite some time I have built up an enormous supply of wax bits all over the house.

Some of the larger candles simply fizzled out because I didn’t use the proper wick or should have used two. I should have researched the wick thing more thoroughly but at the time I was excited and wanted to get going on the hobby.

How to get the wax out of the container?

If you have a small amount of wax in a container, run it under the hot water tap to loosen it up. Then hook onto it with a butter knife and it should slide out eventually. If the opening is too narrow first you will have to cut the wax into a few pieces.

If it’s a larger container of wax or won’t come out that easily, you can use a double boiler and melt the container in there until the wax liquefies. Once you get a few colors mixed together it might not be a pretty sight. If you have nothing against black that would be the easiest color to dye them.

Once you have all your wax together you just proceed as you normally would in making candles, paying attention not to overheat the wax in the double boiler. Most wax should not be heated above 200 degrees farenheit but some have even lower flash points.

Another fun way to use up different colored candle wax is by creating ice candles. Some people also save their old tealight containers to create new ones or fire starters.


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