Sand and Flower Candle Molds

Candle Makers Supplies, based in London England has the most interesting candle molds. They also have an instructional video on how to make a mold out of sand. In this example candle making expert David Constable does it by first pressing a squared piece of wood into some damp sand. Later the various tools used to shape the candle are a file, blowtorch, electric iron and scalpel. It’s a very well made tutorial and shows several examples of finished shaped candles to give you ideas.

flower candlesThey also have some pretty flower molds. Pictured here is candles from their flexible flower candle molds. There is enough to make a beautiful wax garden and flowers included are a rosebud, carnation, dahlia, hydrangea, lupin and more. I think this would be a fun project and would be so pretty using several different bright colors.


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