Scalloped Flower Molded Pillar Candle

Scalloped flower candle moldI purchased a new scalloped flower candle mold today along with some candle fragrances and just had to try them out. The candle mold came with a sealer, a wick and what I’m assuming is a wick-rod because that’s what I’m using it for.

Once you weave the wick through the hole at the bottom of the mold, you need to seal it so the wax doesn’t seep everywhere.

I settled upon using a kiwi fragrance and dyed the paraffin pillar wax green once it reached 180 F (82 C). I also added a half teaspoon of vybar to slightly increase the scent throw. Just before pouring at 150F (65 C), I added 1 ½ ounces (42 g) of the kiwi fragrance.

This time, I patiently waited for the wax to completely harden before attempting a second pour. If you do it too early, you’ll need a third pour and that’s no fun. As Tom Petty says, the waiting is the hardest part. It’s best to do the second pour a little hotter than the first one, just to ensure that the candle sticks together smoothly.

Voila! Here’s my completed molded flower candle. It smells pretty sweet!

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