Scented Palm Wax Candle Experiment

Palm wax candlesOk, I think palm wax might be my favorite wax yet, which is too bad because it costs almost twice as much as paraffin or soy.

Either that or I’m just getting better at this. I didn’t add any additives, the candles burn well and they’re the strongest smelling candles I have made.

This is “feather” palm wax which means it makes a feathered pattern when it hardens. It’s beautiful and sparkly and i love the effect. If you’re looking for a smooth shiny one tone color you might not like the feathered mottled look.

The votives and the smaller pillar were all made with one pound of palm wax, 2 tablespoons (or 30 ml) of lavender essential oil, half a blue dye chip and half a red.

I was going for purple but it turned out pink. Next time i will throw a whole blue chip in there.

I also made a large pillar (3 x 6 inch) with fresh cut flowers scented oil.  This is not an essential oil but it truly smells like fresh cut flowers. I’m glad I made a big one because I don’t want to raid my garden anymore.


  1. Kate says

    I ordered a large bag of ‘glass glow’ palm wax to make container candles. I have had a lot of trouble finding the right wick to give me the results I want. Can you give me any advice?
    p.s – your candles are beautiful!


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