Scented Soy Votive Candles Giveaway

soy votiveThe Bloggy Giveaways are giving me an excuse to share my candles with you. Today I made some raspberry scented votive candles with a soy blend wax.

I will be giving away four candles and all you have to do is comment but make sure you leave a real email address so I can contact you if you win. You don’t need to leave it in the actual post for all the world to see but put it where it prompts you before you post. The contest ends on Friday the 25th and I will notify the winner on the 26th.
soy waxI found this soy wax blend for votives at Village Craft and Candle and it is so easy to clean up! Other benefits are you don’t need a second pour, there’s less soot and it burns longer.

Next round I will be making some sinful soy chocolate ones so if you don’t win this time, give it another shot at the next giveaway.


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    Lisa, I would love to but I don’t have any left and already picked two random number for winners when I was only going to pick one.

    We will have another giveaway soon though and I’m waiting for my wax to create some more.


  1. Scented Soy Votive Candles Giveaway

    Leave a comment on the blog post (and include a valid email address on the form) for a chance to win four raspberry scented votive candles with a soy blend wax.

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