Skinny Dip Candles, Safe for Body and Massage

Skinny Dip candles are a candle, massage oil and lotion in one. They use high quality cosmetic grade soy, which is more skin nourishing than the traditional soy wax used in candles. Other luscious skin safe ingredients include cocoa butter, shea butter, avocado butter and vitamin E. skinny dip hand

Their candles are designed to burn only as hot as 101 degrees or about the temperature of a warm bath. After blowing out your candle, you can immediately apply it as a lotion to leave your skin feeling soft and lightly scented. Besides being beneficial to your skin, they’re biodegradable, clean up easy, burn virtually soot free and last longer.

Scents are offered with either fragrance oil or essential oils. Some of their delicious sounding fragrances are:

  1. Ambrosia- a yummy blend of oranges, coconut and peaches.
  2. Angel Food Cake- Soft vanilla with undertones.
  3. Honey Almond – Enough said
  4. Basil Rose – an interesting feminine floral combination.
  5. Jasmine and Sandalwood- Jasmine with undertones of sandalwood.
  6. Mango Papaya- delectable tropical blend.
  7. Chocolate Silk- for chocolate lovers.
  8. Bare Naked- (unscented)

There are 18 scents in total and they also sell bath salts and lip balm that you can purchase in a Skinny Dip Pamper Pack. Their candles all come in a 6 oz. travel friendly tin and are reasonably priced at just 10.95 each.


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