Soy/Palm Wax Blend Candles

Palm/Soy Blend Compared to Soy BlendToday I successfully hardened up my soy wax for pillars and votives by blending it with palm wax.

Pictured here is a purple pure soy wax votive and the pink is the soy/palm wax blend.  The pink palm blend looks better than the soy, although not sure how much you can make out. It  smoothed out the texture and brightened the colors, which was a bonus!

Soy/Palm PillarThis soy/palm blend is only 25% palm, because that stuff isn’t cheap and I wanted to see how little I could get away with. The pillar could use some more palm wax, as the melt pool stretched out to an inch too quickly.  It’s still an improvement because at least the candle isn’t falling and/or melting all over the place!


  1. Jen says

    I know this is an old post, but I came across it when trying to find results of mixing soy and palm waxes. Did you continue to do this? If so, at the same ratio? I was wondering if a 50/50 blend would work well, and if any of the palm’s pattern would show or if it needs to be primarily palm for that. Thanks in advance for any info! :)

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