Stock Up on Fall & Winter Candle Fragrances

Now is a good time to stock up on autumn and winter candle fragrance oils if you make candles, because they’ll start selling soon.

It’s also a good time to get a jump start on your holiday candle shopping! You’re more likely to grab your favorite scents if you purchase them ahead of time.

Baking Candle Scents

Baking scents are popular during the colder fall/winter months because they’re comforting and bring memories of past family gatherings.

Think pumpkin pie, apple pie, pecan pie, gingerbread, cinnamon rolls, banana nut bread, chocolate fudge and sugar cookies.

Winter Holiday Candle Scents

Winter scents that are popular include cranberry, frankincense and myrrh, peppermint, cloves, fire wood, sugar plum, bayberry and pine. Actually, any sort of evergreen tree smell combined with berries seems to add a festive mood to a home.

If you’re not a seasonal sort of person or you’d like to stick with a couple candle fragrances year round, you can’t go wrong with vanilla or lavender.

Michigan Autumn Photo by Burnsey111

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