Storage Solutions for Candle Making Supplies

My son-in-law was kind enough to drop this massive shelf off yesterday. Now,  I can store some of my candle making supplies away so they’re not bulging out of the coat closet and/or taking over the kitchen table.

I have more candle making supplies coming, so it looks like I’ll need more plastic storage containers.  It still needs organizing, but I never claimed to be Martha Stewart.

Ideas for Storing Finished Candles

At Village  Craft and Candle they sell similar shelves, but they’re on wheels and they use cookie sheets for the finished candles.  At least that gets them rolled out of the way so you can move onto another project.

Craft Organizers for Small Items

I found several places that sell craft organizers, but honestly they don’t look much different than tackle boxes. If you don’t care that it’s not pink or festive looking, a tackle box will do the job for storing small items.

Other Craft Storage Ideas

If you want to get really organized and sophisticated looking, check out HGTV’s Organized Craft Room Ideas.  I’m partial to the shelves with brightly colored bins idea.  I really prefer see through containers though because even if I label them, I sneak weird stuff in that I may never see again. For this reason, I love zip lock bags.

If you’re frugal and are looking for creative storage ideas, see Frugal Storage Ideas. There are some crazy but clever practical ideas many thrifty people have contributed.  Last but not least, there are some good craft storage ideas at Home Organize It.

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