Striped Rolled Beeswax Pillar

For this project, you need three beeswax sheets in total but you will have enough left over to make a couple smaller candles.

Of course my kids took off with my tape measure so this wasn’t precise but it was fun. First you cut a sheet in half lengthwise and roll it around a cotton wick.

Next, cut the remaining half in half again the opposite way and roll the two pieces up without a wick to make the first stripes.

Continue cutting the other sheets until you have seven stripes in total to cover your small pillar. Beeswax is sticky so it doesn’t take much to stick the sheets together. If they’re not soft enough, warm them up a bit with a blow dryer.

I got this idea from a wonderful project book called Beeswax & Wicks by Jackie Stephens & Linda Lloyd. They used four sheets with smaller stripes. It’s a very nice effect but I only had three.

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