Sunday’s Layered Palm Pillars

I made these summery scented layered candles today while it was pouring rain. I had a bit of a mishap with some cherry and lemon scented wax so ended up blending them together. They’re the pink tinged layer. The other layer is pina colada with a little extra coconut scent thrown in for good measure.

This is feather palm wax which is perfect for votives or pillars. I used aluminum molds for all of them and they just slid out without any mold release.

The wax all melted once it hit 175 farenheit and I added the dye and scent once it hit 190 and poured. This palm wax can hold 5 to 6% scent without additives as opposed to 3% for other waxes.

I love working with palm wax because it’s so forgiving, looks beautiful and burns well. A curious neighbor dropped by to see what I was doing.  I had fun showing her around and she left with a vanilla scented pillar.


  1. Christina says

    The candles are great. I’ve yet to try the palm wax; however, I am looking forward to working with the wax. The melting information is very helpful.


  2. says

    Those are lovely pillars! They look like they feel good too, in a weird way.

    Hmm, cherry, lemon and coconut? That could work. Sounds like a tropical drink! And made out of palms too. :)

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