Traditional Japanese Candles

Japanese CandlesTraditional Japanese candles (wa-rousoku) are made with washi paper, reeds and Japanese wax (sumac) trees.

They’re created by dipping a hand in the wax and wrapping it around the paper until it’s big enough. I don’t imagine the wax could be too hot!

After the candles harden, beautiful designs are hand painted onto them. From what I have seen, they’re usually colorful flowers.

Traditional Japanese CandleThese candles create a very bright flame and the wick needs to be cut frequently at 20 minute intervals. Because the flame is strong, these candles work better than traditional candles in drafts. They actually resemble small torches.

Besides using Japanese candles for décor, they’re also used for celebration, meditation and prayer. According to Japon, Japanese candles have been used in Buddhist temples since the 9th century. See more traditional Japanese candles at Sakura no Sato or Japon Kara.

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