Try Colored Flame Candles or Make Your Own

Color flame candlesKick things up a notch on Valentine’s Day (or any other day) with colored flame candles!

These  color flame tea light candles are available at Parties 4 Kids. Apparently they’re smokeless and non-toxic. The downside is that they only last an hour.

Color flame lamps If you want something that lasts a little longer, I found these color changing lamps at Faerie Flames. They come in red, green, orange, pink and lilac. They last about four hours and they can be refilled.

Finally, if you want to make your own colored candles, check out this how to make colored fire video. It tells you exactly which chemicals to use in order to get a yellow, green, blue, purple or red flame.


  1. jayasankar.p says

    I AM INTERESTED TO MAKING coloured flame candle making. kindly send the project.Awaiting your valuable reply.Thank you.

  2. says

    We are a color flame candle manufacturer in China, and we can offer you variety of color flame candle products. If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us, thank you!!

  3. v.cantos says

    p.jaysankar.. did you found the formulation for creating the colored flame candles? kindly share it to me.. tnx

  4. Milana Yovanka says

    Hello…I want to ask you, how to make colored flames by using a liquid? Because I wanted to make a candle with a flame-colored liquid. What fluid to use and how to mix it with a substance that produces a flame color?

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