Unique Tart Warmers

Willow PatternCandle Licious has the most beautiful tart warmers which are also referred to as simmer pots, tart burners or melting pots. Some use electricity to heat up and others use tea lights.

Shown here is the Willow Pattern Tea Cup Tart warmer. It depicts a famous Chinese love story and has the classic blue style familiar in England. It’s only $16.00 and at 2 lbs it shouldn’t cost much to ship.

Egyptian BurnerMy favorite is the Egyptian Tart Melter depicting golden pharaohs. Both could be used for either their melting hearts or scented oils.

Candle Licious has so many other products including their “Melting Hearts” which is their trade mark for their tarts. They are highly scented heart shaped wax potpourri. The benefit of heating tarts is that a stronger scent than candles can be safely achieved, although their candles are triple scented so are highly fragrant. They have a secret wax blend recipe that enables them to do this. They offer tea light trial packs which is a great way to try a few different scents at once.


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