What’s Your Style Category?

classic styleFind out which of the five Root LightStyle categories you identify with so they can then guide you on suitable selections of scents, candles and decor to create the look that will project your own personal style. I think it’s a fantastic fun idea. You can try out their quiz to find out which of the five LightStyles fit you.

There’s Classic which is the category I fall into. Classics prefer timeless sorts of things and like surroundings with leather, wood, marble and antiques.

Modern style reflects more of a modern urban look and are more apt to be on the cutting edge of the latest styles and Modern Stylefashions. They prefer a more sophisticated environment with clean lines.

A Relaxed LightStyle suits those who prefer cozy country furniture and earthy neutral color tones. They prefer to keep things simple, peaceful and unhurried.

The Romantic LightStyle combines victorian furnishings with flowers, lace and antiques.

Spirited LightStyle is very vibrant, colorful and emotional. They mix funky ethnic decor romantic stylefrom all over the world creating a lively earthy feel.

If you have equal amounts of several you’re called eclectic.

Each style has individual colors, fragrances and decorating ideas such as inventive table settings that help reflect your style.

More can be seen on the Root LightStyle website and candle selections can be found at Root Candles.

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