Wildlife Gel Candles

These unique gel candles are handmade in Maine by Bonnie Hayes. The wildlife gel candle pictured here shows her creation of a moose in a snowstorm.

Other wildlife options include an eagle, wolf, bear or deer. These would make an especially interesting display in a den or country cottage, although they would certainly add lovely winter décor to most living rooms. To see more of Bonnie’s gel candle art, visit Main DeLight: Seascape and Wildlife Gel Candles.


  1. says

    Thank you so much for your kind review of my work. It is really appreciated. I enjoy making them and love to hear feedback like this. Also check out my seascape and lighthouse candles as well. Thanks again.

  2. Eileen Bartlett says

    I saw your candles at the bluehill fair…and wanted to purchase several…was looking for the lighthouse ones you had there…I believe it was nebble light? do you have other specific lighthouses as well? did not see them on the website…, please let me know via my email address. I took your card, but cannot find it now…all that rain the day of the fair apparently didn’t help. Thanks

  3. Ashley Carter says

    My boyfriend purchased me a sea-themed candle from the Blue Hill Fair this year. It was an absolutely wonderful surprise. I just love it!

  4. Debbie Drew says

    Hi Bonnie:

    I saw you at the Big E this year.

    I was wondering if you still made the two black kitties gel candle?

    If so how much does it cost and the cost of the shipping?


    Debbie Drew

  5. Elizabeth Abbondondolo (Zia :-D) says

    My mother bought me one of these beautiful candles at the Margaretta Day fair in Machias. It is beautiful and unique, and when lit the scene comes to life almost magically. It’s so pretty, I don’t want to burn it all away quickly, so I light it for just a few minutes each day to just sit and admire the glowing scene with my son before he goes to bed. He is 2 and completely captivated by it!

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